World of Dypians Multiplayer Mode: Embark on the Island Adventure!

4 min readDec 28, 2023

Diving into the dynamic realm of online gaming, World of Dypians has carved its place on the Epic Games Store, experiencing remarkable growth over the past year. The game’s journey has been marked by continuous partnerships, innovative solutions, and the integration of exciting features. Now, in an exciting development, World of Dypians proudly introduces the Multiplayer Mode, adding a new layer of excitement to its already expansive platform.

In its current phase, the World of Dypians Multiplayer Mode stands as a closed demo, designed for testing purposes. Players who explore this environment will be in a landscape that’s actively being developed, offering an exclusive preview of the game’s future versions. To join this exclusive demo, players can download the new WoD Multiplayer build available here: World of Dypians Multiplayer Build

The Multiplayer Mode takes place on the breathtaking Island Map in World of Dypians, accommodating up to 100 players simultaneously. It’s important to mention that, given the high demand, logging in might be difficult when the server is full. We encourage determined players to attempt logging in again later for an opportunity to dive into this multiplayer adventure.

Basic Functionalities

Although this closed demo provides an enticing glimpse into World of Dypians Multiplayer, it’s important to recognize that some features and functionalities may have limitations or be subject to change.

Text and Voice Chat

Communication is a key element in World of Dypians Multiplayer. In this closed demo, players can participate in global text chat to communicate with everyone around. Moreover, there’s the option of voice chat, though it’s restricted to players in close proximity, enhancing the feeling of community in the gaming experience.


Introducing a fresh idea to the multiplayer mode, players can now set out to find collectibles spread throughout the vast map. Once gathered, these items bring the potential for exciting surprises in the future. The timing of collectibles respawning on the map is thoughtfully managed, enabling strategic gameplay and ensuring a continual sense of excitement in discovery.

Collectibles scattered on the island.

Reporting Bugs and Feedback

As players navigate the diverse landscapes of the multiplayer mode, the development team encourages vigilance for any bugs or issues that may arise. Player feedback is not only appreciated but actively sought after to address unforeseen elements and contribute to the ongoing improvement of the gaming experience. Players are strongly encouraged to promptly report issues and share valuable suggestions, as their input is fundamental to a collaborative effort aimed at refining and enhancing the multiplayer experience.

The Multiplayer Mode in World of Dypians marks a new chapter in the game’s evolution, offering players a glimpse of the exciting features and possibilities to come. As the closed demo encourages exploration and interaction, players are urged to share their experiences and join the ongoing conversation. The World of Dypians team eagerly awaits community feedback, collaborating to shape and improve the multiplayer adventure for everyone. With the Island Adventure now accessible, dive into the enchanting World of Dypians, where the journey is just as exhilarating as the destination.

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