How DeFi Yield Protocol is changing the future in the crypto world.

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5 min readFeb 21, 2022

Decentralized finance or DeFi as some of you may know it, appeared in the crypto market as a need to remove third parties in transactions with the use of emerging technology.

Meaning, DeFi projects eliminate intermediaries by allowing people, merchants, and businesses to conduct transactions with the use of technology — blockchain technology to be more precise. This is possible using peer-to-peer financial networks that operate on security protocols, connectivity, software, and hardware advancements.

DeFi Yield Protocol started as a project that wanted to create a platform where you can use different assets (ETH, BTC, USDT, USDC etc.). This was our starting point, and, with time, we added more products to our platform. We designed all our products to be accessible to all users.

“But we felt that was not enough. We knew that we had to bring a new type of platform that would offer security for its users. With this target in mind, we developed DeFi Yield Protocol, the first platform that has an anti-manipulation system that protects our users.”(@MihaiDYP)

As we mentioned before, DeFi Yield Protocol was created to offer fair treatment to all our users so that all of them can benefit from our anti-manipulation system.

“We pride ourselves with the fact that all our products, including the smart contracts, are 100% created by our developers and we did not copy or use anything from other platforms. I strongly believe that if you want to make a difference, it is very important to create an original project, not to duplicate something that is already out there. Unfortunately, 90% of all platforms that are created were copied from existing products”. (@MihaiDYP)

DeFi Yield Protocol: The future is not that far.

Regarding the future, we have a lot of plans and a lot of new and cool stuff will be launched on our platform this year. Considering this, we want to prove to our community that we are here for the long run. We always say that DYP is a long-term project.

“At this moment we are in a complete process of REBRANDING. We wanna give DYP a fresh air and a new perspective. And by that, I mean we will have a new logo, a new website, new apps for our users, in one word, we will create a strong BRAND — DYP. I think this will have a great impact on our community.” (@MihaiDYP)

  • We will launch new contracts for Yield Farming, Staking, Borrow & Lending.
  • We will create some new products as well, like a Monthly Lottery and a Special Staking Pool for our DYP Tools users. The Lottery will be 100% decentralized only for the DYP Tools users, as well as the users that will buy tickets, and we will give them bonuses from the Special Staking Pool. Using this, we wanna give one more utility for our DYP Tools and to create a sort of revenue for our platform.

“Another aspect that I am really excited for, is the Cats and Watches Society NFTs collection. Besides the fact that it is something unique and in trend — like NFTs and luxury watches, our super cool NFT cat that collects watches will have a lot of utilities on our platform.” (@MihaiDYP)

Let’s talk about how important Cats and Watches Society will be for our project. A lot of our users think that this will be just a simple collection of NFTs, but it’s not. A user that will purchase a CAWS NFT will receive also plenty of advantages on our platform:

  • access to ‘’THE SOCIETY BENEFITS”, meaning each user will receive a share of 10% minting fees that will be redistributed to the other NFT owners.
  • each NFT holder will be able to mint an additional stand-alone watch NFT for free, which will provide additional benefits.
  • a special staking pool will be launched only for CAWS NFT holders.
  • a play to earn game will be launched, in which only CAWS members will have access.
  • a Metaverse platform will be implemented for all NFT owners. This means that the entire DeFi Yield Protocol platform, including all our products, will be accessible in Metaverse if the user owns an NFT. For example, if one of our users would like to get some information about one of our products, he will have two options:
  1. he will find them directly on our website or,
  2. if he owns an NFT, he can use it to log in to our Metaverse platform and find them there.

For example, if someone is using a farming pool, he can access his account directly on our website or he can do exactly the same thing in Metaverse with his NFT Cat character.

And this is not all. Our biggest surprise is a V.R. game that will be the main attraction of our Metaverse platform. We want our users to enjoy a play-to-earn GameFi universe where they can interact with different players, discover treasures and make alliances.

What is better than to enjoy gaming and get all kinds of bonuses while doing it. It will be the perfect opportunity for our users to recreate in the company of their fellow pet, CAWS, and discover an ecosystem in V.R. where you can upgrade your tools, equipment in order to dig faster for treasures.

Like we said before, you can invite your friends to play, you can make alliances, challenge other teams to see who is better, and earn great benefits.

“What we are trying to say is that “Cats and Watches Society” doesn’t represent only a collection of NFTs, but it will be your ticket into Metaverse for the whole platform and our Cat will be part of all our products. In one word, CAWS will be our mascot. You will be able to access our products in Metaverse for all our users that own an NFT, play an exciting V.R. game, earn great benefits and have fun.

These represent only a small part of our future plans, for those of you who are interested you can check our Roadmap. I just wanted to highlight some of the things that I am really excited about and that I think will bring a lot of value to our platform. We are developing a Metaverse concept as we speak, that will be ready in the next couple of months.” (@MihaiDYP)