A Fresh Start to Create a New Universe

5 min readDec 12, 2022

Change is something most people do not take lightly. That happens because they have to adjust to new things, embrace new routines and develop new activities. But, unfortunately, the extra effort is never something people welcome with open arms, even if it will lead to a world of new opportunities. Decentralized finance is a fresh start for many, bringing many changes, but things are headed in the right direction. Therefore, it is vital for everything and everyone to keep pace with this new course.

Rebranding — Out with the Old and in with the New

Every company has a specific course. Growing is significant because people may start small but dream big and go through many things to achieve their dreams. The first steps are the most important but may not fit the same picture once things evolve. That is why change is essential; companies must go through it at a certain point to keep up the pace. Some changes may seem drastic, but they are necessary for the long run.

Why is rebranding necessary for a business? First, as time passes, the company’s activity expands, and more branches are encompassed. Second, they respond to the client’s needs and focus on solutions related to their line of work. Third, as the array of services expands, the business that started small becomes bigger. Finally, the brand associated with the company targets something small. That is why a profound change is needed, and rebranding is a big part of it.

But what is rebranding? What does that imply for a company? First, some changes may happen over time and are a part of the natural growth process. The rebranding process is a statement made by the company to change people’s perspectives on business activity. It may impact the company’s logo, name, slogan, or even some of its products, but it will not affect the team’s drive or focus on quality. If anything, it is reassuring that they are on top of their game.

DYP — a Solid Foundation for a Strong Future

The cryptocurrency world may be in its infancy, but it has significantly impacted people. It is the way to the future, and many companies turn to decentralized finance to take the first steps into the new world. DeFi Yield Protocol is a platform that has impacted the crypto world due to its anti-manipulation features and its focus on creating a stable environment. The main focus was yields and staking, but it has grown into something much more advanced.

The constant struggle to bring something new to the table while meeting the client’s demands has driven DYP to expand its services constantly. Valuable tools were added to the platform to make the exploration process more accessible. In addition, new services have been added to their portfolio to offer users the chance to earn more rewards. The news section is always up-to-date to help users make the right choices according to the market shifts.

The constant growth and the expanding range of services have created new opportunities, and the team has seized each. They have made NFTs unique to the crypto world and a metaverse where users can earn money while having fun. With each new addition, this platform grew from a user-friendly environment to a universe with endless possibilities. It followed a natural, steady course, and now the time has come to make a new change.

DYPIUS — the Future Has Become Reality

Rebranding is a part of the process, but the platform is still in contact with its roots. With all the new services and expansion, the new name must reflect the progress made in the industry and the impact it will generate in the crypto world. For example, the ‘ÍUS’ is the suffix in most nebulas’ names. Nebulas are formations of gas, dust, and other materials gathering together, eventually forming new stars and planets, just like DYP has gathered more solutions for its users to create an entirely new universe.

Even if the shift in this new direction has already been made, users must be aware of the benefits they can still enjoy and the changes they must make. DYPIUS has implemented solutions to ensure a smooth transition for users. Additionally, the token supply will not be modified in any way. Therefore, users can get on with staking, locking, or trading unencumbered. All the ongoing contracts are valid, and users will not be impacted in any way.

There are no changes to pools, lock periods, or rewards, but there will be significant improvements to the DYP tools available for users. For example, pools will be easier to explore, pairs and big swaps more accessible, and contracts from the locker can lead to greater rewards. In addition, the user experience will be enhanced through the advanced interface and access to the latest trends, news, and dApps. Finally, innovative ideas and new projects will have a new and improved Launchpad to create opportunities that make their mark on the crypto world while leading to greater rewards.

On the other hand, there will be some changes users will notice right away. DYPIUS has a new brand, logo, and website, but these are only the first aspects. This new universe will offer access to the CAWS NFTs users know and love, but they also get the chance to mint new NFTs based on what they own. These benefits can be used in the Metaverse to earn more rewards. The Metaverse is a unique platform with real-time user interaction, customization features, new environments to explore, and a P2E (play-to-earn) game where the NFTs can act as valuable companions during the adventures. The Metaverse will also be used to transpose real-life businesses into the digital world to earn in-game revenue.

Why be a part of a small ecosystem when DYPIUS can create an entire universe filled with new opportunities? Are you ready for a new adventure? Join and enjoy!